Is KOLSORE® suitable for children?

We do not have safety studies on the use of KOLSORE® by children and so safety cannot be guaranteed. Because of this, we cannot recommend use of KOLSORE® by children under the age of 12.


Can I use KOLSORE® during pregnancy?

KOLSORE® contains only natural ingredients and is suitable to use during pregnancy.


Can I use KOLSORE® while breast feeding?

KOLSORE® contains only natural ingredients and is suitable to use during breastfeeding.


What are the key ingredients in KOLSORE®?

KOLSORE® contains a world-first triple dose of scientifically studied natural ingredients that have been shown to support rapid recovery from lip outbreaks. KOLSORE® contains:

  1. Kolorex® Horopito extract. Horopito is a plant endemic to New Zealand with high levels of the active called polygodial. Kolorex® Horopito is patented for its antiviral activity against the herpes virus.
  2. Propolis Extract – Multiple published studies have shown topical application of propolis extract is beneficial for rapid recovery and healthy lips. See Scientific Studies (linked) for more information.
  3. Lysine – an essential amino acid that suppresses Arginine (another amino acid) that has been shown to stimulate virus replication.


Are there any KOLSORE® Side Effects I should be aware of?

The most common side effect from using KOLSORE® is a transient heat sensation experienced when applying the product. This is due to the Horopito extract which is hot and peppery. Horopito leaves are naturally hot, not unlike cayenne pepper. During the extraction process the activity and heat are concentrated so that even the small amount that goes into the ointment can produce a sense of heat. This can be quite warm for a small number of people when applied to sensitive, damaged tissue.


How should I use KOLSORE®?

The earlier you can apply KOLSORE® the better. Apply at first sign of tingle and apply to the affected area as needed.


Can I use KOLSORE® as a general lip conditioner/lip balm?

KOLSORE® is designed specifically to address a lip outbreak and support rapid recovery. KOLSORE® is not recommended as a general lip balm.


Will KOLSORE® interact with other herbal or prescription medicines?

There are no reports in the literature of KOLSORE® interacting with medications.


Is KOLSORE® a medicine?

No. KOLSORE® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a natural product designed to support the recovery from lip outbreaks.


What makes KOLSORE® so effective?

KOLSORE® addresses all stages of a lip outbreak. Its world-first formula is designed to address the source of a lip oubreak with a trio of scientifically studied natural ingredients. KOLSORE®’s unique formula also contains Pharmaceutical Grade lanolin for lip conditioning, and Vitamin E to help heal broken skin.  


Where can I buy KOLSORE®?

Please see our “Buy” section for further information.